This page will help you with revision in Literacy. Especially with spelling and grammar. Keep checking back as new activities are added all the time!

Spellathon (enter you name and class and get spelling!)
Spelling City (enter your spelling rule and play games to help you learn your sellings!)
Bitesize Spelling and Grammar (a range of games and quizes to help you improve things like punctuation)
Viral Vinnie (a general game to help you with all aspects of Literacy)
Spelling Adventure (a quest to help with spelling rules)
Sentences (escape from the tower learning about simple, compound and complex sentences)
Nouns (a game all about nouns!)
Adjective detective (find the adjectives)
Idioms (not sure what the word means? Play these games to learn!)
Bitesize Reading (some games and quizzes to help with comprehension)
GeoGreeting (spell words with buildings, just for fun!)
Bitesize Writing (learn about different genre types and play some games)


  1. There were fun and challenging!!

  2. These games are really challenging!

  3. i love literacy because they are chalengig

  4. these games are easy

  5. what is the page for writing homework